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Reef Ecologic is a non-government organisation providing applied science services for triple bottom line outcomes.


Our Work

Our Work

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Marine Protected Areas

Reef Ecologic are leaders in design, implementation, management and review of Aquatic Reserves and Marine Protected Areas in Australia. Our Directors and associates were part of a world class team that planned, consulted and implemented the Great Barrier Reef Representative Area Program that led to increased protection of biodiversity and increased no take areas from 4 to 33%.

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Protected Species

Reef Ecologic staff have initiated, reviewed, implemented and communicated numerous projects on aquatic species including whales, turtles, sharks, fish, invertebrates and aquatic vegetation. We have worked with Government and key stakeholders to protect individual species such as the Great White Shark, Grey Nurse Shark and Ballina Angelfish in NSW waters and to implement the Blue Groper as the NSW Aquatic emblem. We initiated the process to declare the Great Barrier Reef Anemonefish as the QLD Aquatic Emblem.

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Policy and guidelines

Reef Ecologic staff have led, drafted, consulted and implemented comprehensive, best practice policies and guidelines to provide consistent management of key resources for government, industry and community. These include the Aquatic Habitat Guidelines for NSW, Dredging and Spoil Disposal, Environmental Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment and Management Framework, and Artificial Reef Guidelines.

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Leadership, workshops and capacity building

The team at Reef Ecologic have initiated, participated and developed training courses, presentations and workshops on a range of subjects associated with environmental issues and management. Examples include Next Generation of Leaders, Coral Reef Management and Leadership Training Program (which includes participants from 11 countries) and AusAid project in the Caribbean.

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Standard for Australian Fish Names

Reef Ecologic staff were part of an expert panel of scientists, industry and government that developed and implemented the Australian Fish Names Standards for over 4,000 species of fish. This innovative project assists management, science and the public and stopped fish substitution and increased consumer confidences in purchasing and eating seafood.


Best practice environmental management for government and industry

Reef Ecologic Directors and associates have worked formally and informally with scientists, diverse industry groups including consultants, conservation, indigenous, legal, developers, ports, shipping, aquaculture, sewage, refinery and Defence to review and improve their governance, environmental performance and compliance.

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Citizen science

Reef Ecologic staff have initiated citizen science projects to increase understanding of marine protected species and sharks.  The Great Australian Shark Count reported over 12,000 sightings of 10 species of sharks including the Coral Sea during a two year period and won accolades for their partnerships and involvement. Stories on the successful project were featured widely through conferences, radio, newspaper, TV, DVD and youtube.

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Science communication and brokering

The team at Reef Ecologic are passionate about science and management communication about the ocean, reef, issues, people and solutions. We work with schools, communities, businesses and government to share knowledge, raise awareness and inform audiences about important issues. We have given presentations and written books, articles and appeared on TV, DVD and radio on a range of topics including the Great Barrier Reef, marine protected areas, reef and rainfores , climate change, sharks, fish, coral, shipping, fisheries, researchremediation, ports, dredgingdumpingproductivity and the future.