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Reef Ecologic is a non-government organisation providing applied science services for triple bottom line outcomes.

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Our Associates

Our Associates

Dr Jeffrey Maynard

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Jeffrey Maynard has 15 years’ experience in applied marine research and conservation. He specializes in developing decision-support tools that inform on-ground management action. The hallmark of all projects Jeffrey leads or co-leads is collaboration. Jeffrey assembles highly multi-disciplinary project teams that typically integrate managers and conservation staff. Consequently, as project outputs formalize, there is no ‘gap to bridge’ between science advances and on-ground management.  Rather, Jeffrey’s approach as projects start is to forge mutually beneficial scientist-manager relationships. These relationships endure and consistently yield cutting edge applied research and conservation.

Peter McGinnity

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Peter McGinnity has over thirty years experience  leading marine and integrated coastal planning and management programs for the  Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in Australia.  In addition to having held a number of roles with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, he has also worked as an advisor to marine and coastal managers in the USA, Central America, Asia and the Caribbean.  

Mr McGinnity offers skills and technical advice in the application of risk based management strategy development and evaluation, and vulnerability assessment methodologies applied to marine biodiversity conservation and coastal ecosystem assessments. Mr McGinnity has prepared zoning and management plans, undertaken countless environmental impacts assessments, and developed outlook reports and frameworks for implementing marine and coastal offsets. He is currently a member of the NSW Marine Estate Expert Advisory Panel.

Jo Johnson

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Johanna Johnson has over 20 years experience in marine research and monitoring, and specialises in climate change impact and vulnerability assessments, climate change adaptation, coral reef monitoring, capacity building, science synthesis, and providing practical management recommendations.

She has extensive experience working in the Pacific region, and has built strong relationships with government agencies, non-government organisations  and community groups. Jo’s focus in the Pacific and parts of southeast Asia has been assessing and prioritising climate change adaptation, particularly to promote sustainable livelihoods and food security. In 2013, she co-chaired a special session on community-based adaptation to climate change at the 9th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation, and has a number of current projects and proposals for community-based adaptation in target regions of the Pacific. 

Dr Melissa Walsh

Melissa Walsh (formerly Bos) has 15 years experience in coral reef science, management, and conservation finance in Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, and Australia. Melissa has worked across sectors (government, private, academia, and NGO) and disciplines (chemistry, oceanography, management, and finance). She has been focused on marine conservation finance since 2012 and is the only person in the GBR region with this specialist expertise. Melissa holds a BS in Chemistry and Marine Science from the University of Miami and a MS in Oceanography from the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she investigated nutrient dynamics in coral reef ecosystems. After masters research, Melissa received the prestigious NOAA Coral Reef Management Fellowship placed within the State of Hawaii where she facilitated stakeholder-driven strategies to address human threats to coral reefs. As the Hawaii and Pacific Island Coordinator of NOAA’s Alliance for Coastal Technologies, she facilitated partnerships between resource managers, researchers, and the technology industry. She has held faculty positions at both the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and Hawaii Pacific University. As Director of the Global Marine Partnership Fund at Conservation International, Melissa began to focus on innovative finance and participatory strategic planning for large-scale marine conservation initiatives. As Director of the Hawaii Marine Program at Conservation International, Melissa facilitated the development and funding of the $10 million USD Hawaii Fish Trust, a ground-breaking program that unites fishers, Hawaiian communities, NGOs, and the State of Hawaii towards common goals. Most recently, Melissa has worked for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and as Chief Executive Officer for Reef Check Australia. See attached CV