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Reef Ecologic is a non-government organisation providing applied science services for triple bottom line outcomes.


Incident Response

Incident Response

How We Can Help

You may not be able to control or even predict when incidents will occur, but we can ensure you are ready for them. We bring decades of experience in incident response and management to help you design and implement responses that are effective, efficient, timely and credible.


Our primary objective is to work with you to develop knowledge and systems to prevent and \ or respond proactively and professionally to incidents. We will work with you to develop realistic exercise scenarios and responses to test capabilities.


If you do not have a plan then you plan to fail. We will work with you to identify issues and assess risks and to develop plans to avoid, mitigate or offset negative effects of incidents. We can work with your staff to design simple one page plans or detailed documents to meet regulatory requirements.


Our team combines decades of knowledge in incident response with advanced research and communication skills to provide the multidisciplinary expertise and technology to mitigate, monitor, manage and rehabilitate marine habitats after incidents.